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Welcome to Dragon Scale Productions!

What we do:

We are a songwriting/composing team specializing in producing high quality 

Chinese and other Asian music for tv, film, advertising and other media use.

Who we are:

Matt Hirt, a veteran composer with an impressive body of work and extensive 

credits, and Haoyue Kuang, an extraordinarily gifted singer, songwriter and 

performer from mainland China.

What sets us apart:

We combine the use of real traditional instruments and a deep understanding of 

Chinese and Asian music and culture with years of experience meeting the 

unique requirements of the music for media community. Our unique blend of 

talents and experience allows us to write music ranging from cutting edge 

Mandopop to traditional-style Chinese folk music to Asian influenced world beat.

Where you have heard us:

Our combined credits include songs placed in four number one box office movies 

(Limitless, Tropic Thunder, Rush Hour 3, Mr And Mrs Smith), daily tv placements in 

all types of network and cable programming, as well as extensive performance

experience both live and in the studio in the US and China. 

Please click the "Credits" link at the top of this page for more.

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